Math for my Mom – Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday!

Earlier on this month my dad turned 50, and my brother and I drove down to his house in rural Saskatchewan to surprise him. He was so surprised and happy that he started crying. It was very sweet. My dad is a very sweet guy in general. He lives close to my Baba (grandmother) and makes his living doing odd jobs around the town.

Now my dad is no mathematician, but he observed a cool thing with birthdays and his siblings. First, my dad (born in 1962) has 4 siblings: Zandy (1956), Pat (1951), Phillip (1949) and Perry (1953). In 2011, when he turned 49, his brother Phillip turned 62.  I.e. they each were as old as the other’s year of birth (well not counting the 1900 part). Even more, in 2013, when my dad turns 51, his sister Pat turns 62. This will continue on when he turns 53 (Perry will be 62) and 56 (Perry will turn 62). Neat!

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