Bootcamp 5 – Ramsey DocCourse Prague 2016

The following notes are from the Ramsey DocCourse in Prague 2016. The notes are taken by me and I have edited them. In the process I may have introduced some errors; email me or comment below and I will happily fix them.

Title: Bootcamp 5 (of 8)

Lecturer: Jan Hubička

Date: Friday September 30, 2016.

Main Topics: Rado Graph, Fraïssé’s Theorem, Examples of Fraïssé classes, Ramsey implies Amalgamation, Lifts and Reducts, Ramsey classes have linear orders

Definitions: Extension Property, Ultrahomogeneous, Universal, \text{Age}(A) , Fraïssé class, irreducible structure, Lifts/Expansions and Shadows/reducts.

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